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MutationTaster2021 has been released! See changes.

We offer automated MutationTaster analysis of variants from Next Generation Sequencing projects. Variants must be in VCF format and refer to GRCh37 / hg19. After your VCF file has been analysed, the link to download the results (archived as .zip) will be send via E-mail to you. For this reason, you have to provide a valid E-mail address. Look up more details in the documentation.

VCF file    sample file
Please zip or gzip large files!
#CHROM   POS    ID  REF  ALT  QUAL  FILTER  INFO                                                                  FORMAT       SAMPLE
chr1     10199  .   A    C    4.77  .       DP=2;AF1=0.5003;CI95=0.25,0.75;DP4=1,0,0,1;MQ=60;FQ=-3.1;PV4=1,1,1,1  GT:PL:DP:GQ  0/1:33,0,28:2:30
(tab delimited) The coordinates must refer to GRCh37 (also called hg19).
Project name
E-mail address

Analysis settings

search for homozygous variants yes analyse complete VCF
      ...but only exons with bases intron flanking
analyse variants on chr
      ...but only exons with bases intron flanking
analyse custom regions (select to enter)
exclude custom regions (select to enter)
combine neighbouring variants yes
filter against TGP homozygous in   or more TGP samples
heterozygous in or more TGP samples
minimum coverage