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MutationTaster automation

automation of single queries

by calling webinterface for chromosomal positions

If you want to integrate single queries of our web interface for chromosomal positions in your personal NGS pipelines, this is possible via the following command:

CALL: '/MT69/MT_ChrPos.cgi?chromosome=3&position=190122694&ref=G&alt=A'

The URL has to be in quotation marks. The respective values for chromosome, position, ref and alt have to be set according to the variant(s) in question.

automation of QueryEngine queries

by running a Perl script which automatically calls the MutationTaster QueryEngine

If you want to avoid the manual upload of vcf files to our QueryEngine, we can provide, on request, a Perl script which automatically sends a VCF file to the QueryEngine and afterwards retrieves the results. If you are interested in this script, please write us an E-Mail.